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A Postcard from Bradley Shelver, Artistic Director of Steps Repertory Ensemble

A Postcard from Bradley Shelver, Artistic Director of Steps Repertory Ensemble

Published on August 2, 2016
Behind-the-scenes: Steps Repertory Ensemble rehearsing.

Catch The Company At The 35th Battery Dance Festival!

WHO: Steps Repertory Ensemble.

*The ensemble is the resident company of the Steps Beyond Foundation and is in residence at Steps on Broadway.

WHAT: Battery Dance Festival

WHEN: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WHERE: Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park, 20 Battery Place, New York, NY

Bradley Shelver. Photo by Jody Kasch.

Jet Setter Dancer...

It has been a summer of travel. Firstly, I went to Brazil in June for two weeks to teach and lecture for the world modern dance congress. I also had four performances in Rio De Janeiro and in San Paulo; they featured my solo's, Healing Song and And There Were Tongues. I then flew back to New York because the Steps Repertory Ensemble was performing at Brooklyn Summer stage. The following day I flew to Israel to teach at an academy for two weeks, then back to NYC for one day and off to San Francisco to teach and choreograph for the Joffrey summer program. I return on August 6th to start up rehearsals with the Ensemble, start teaching at the Joffrey NYC summer program and the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, where I still dance, all in the same week!

Behind-the-scenes: Steps Repertory Ensemble at a rehearsal.

On Dance & Diversity...

I think all dancers bring a very unique individuality to the rep and my creative process. Diversity is the fruit of life and therefore for art as well. I love to see how different personalities and body's interpret my work and the work of the other choreographers I hire for the company.

Steps Repertory Ensemble performing Le Monde Est Fini, Pas De Panique. Choreography by Bradley Shelver.

The World Is Over, Do Not Panic...

Steps Repertory Ensemble will be presenting two of my works at the 35th Battery Dance Festival. Le Monde Est Fini, Pas De Panique, was inspired by the constant state of panic humans have been living in since the invention of the media and news. We are always fearing the worst and also allowing ourselves to be driven by the mass hysteria that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Steps Repertory Ensemble performing 3114 BCE. Choreography by Bradley Shelver.

Auspicious Apocalype...

The second work, 3114 BCE, is inspired by the hype surrounding the publicized apocalypse that was slated for December 21, 2012. It was in fact the end of a Mayan calendar which lasted 5000 years and started in 3114 BC. The work is a commentary on the idea that perhaps we have not really evolved as humans; we still crave food, procreation, war, survival... The only difference is that now we wear better clothes than our cavemen selves.

Catch the two works at the 35th annual Battery Dance Festival this August 17!

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