DanceNOW[NYC]-POSTCARDS - Choreographers Speak About Upcoming Festival

DanceNOW[NYC]-POSTCARDS - Choreographers Speak About Upcoming Festival

Published on September 10, 2009

Cherylyn Lavignino | Dance



Cherylyn Lavignino Choreographer/Dancer
Excerpt from "Snap Shots"
Dancers: Joshua Palmer and Joshua Green
Music: Bela Bartok’s 3rd String quartet
Thursday ,September 10th ,7:30 pm at Dance Theater Workshop

DE asks: "Tell us a bit about your work and your inspiration?"

I am presenting an excerpt from a dance called “Snap Shots” that was inspired by my concern over the violence and pointlessness of the Iraqi War. The emotional context for the male duet was based on articles I read concerning the tension and fear that was prevalent among the troops.

Having recently seen the film “Hurt Locker” the intense barrack fight between the two soldiers captured the quality of built up resentment these men have from combat and the dependence upon one another - this is exactly what spurred my imagination to create this section of the dance.

DE asks: "What are you looking forward to?"

I have been working with Robin Staff for over 20 years now and always enjoy participating in her fall festival. She has created so many opportunities for dancers and choreographers in the city.








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