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The Dance Enthusiast Asks Avi Scher

The Dance Enthusiast Asks Avi Scher
Christine Jowers/Follow @cmmjowers on Instagram

By Christine Jowers/Follow @cmmjowers on Instagram
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Published on April 22, 2011

"What tools does a choreographer need to have?"

The Dance Enthusiast Asks-Avi Scher

"What tools does a choreographer need to have?"

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And a special bonus video- A Dance Enthusiast Dance Minute of Remembering-



created  for our social medial pals on Facebook and twitter, but also shared here. This video features Ana Sophia Scheller , soloist with The New York City Ballet and Tyler Angle, principal dancer with The New York City Ballet.

"It is an honor to watch rehearsal. I have to thank Avi Scher and his talented dancers, New York City Ballet performers Tyler Angle and Ana Sophia Scheller, for letting me into theirs.  I especially enjoy seeing dancers 'mark' through and 'sketch' their work-- actually  witnessing the process of remembering- as the artists discover something that perhaps was thought to be lost bubble back to the surface. There is grace and deep intention in every moment--even when the steps are not fully performed. The learning and re-learning, the questions and laughter during the rehearsal process reveal their own unique beauty."-Christine Jowers



Footnotes on Avi Scher & Dancers
Avi Scher & Dancers presents its second New York Season, including the World Premieres of Mirrors and
Dreamscapes, from April 23-25, 2011 at The Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater, 405 W. 55th Street, NYC (at Ninth Avenue).  Performances: Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm, Monday at 8pm.  Tickets are 9 (6 for students) click here for tickets or by phone at 212-868-4444.
For more on Avi Scher& Dancers on our site click here







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