The Dance Enthusiast Asks: Camille Brown

The Dance Enthusiast Asks: Camille Brown
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Published on October 27, 2010
Matt Karas

Choreographer, Camille Brown, Shares Some Secrets

Camille Brown, One of New York City's Most Talented Choreographers, Shares Some Secrets

Christine Jowers, reporting for The Dance Enthusiast

Right now I am:


If I weren't in the dance field I'd be:

A musician. I used to play the clarinet when I was younger.
If not, then a psychologist.

My first dance job was with:

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence

My first job was:

working at a Hospital in Queens during my summers in H.S.

When I rest I like to:

sleep, sleep, sleep!

When I am working I need to:

Focus and work on both my short and long term goals

Something I will never forget is:

 Where I came from

My biggest challenge is:

To be fearless in spite of…

My greatest joy is:

spending time with family and friends, being able to do what I LOVE, and sharing it with people.

Photo by Matt Karas

The qualities I look for in a dancer:

Someone who has a good use of their plie- a good earthbound quality.
My work has a sense of theater, so I look for dancers who have a natural acting ability.
They can NOT be afraid to become a character.
Someone who has a great energy about them.
The rehearsal space is very sensitive.
Attitudes- not welcome!

I cannot tolerate:

pettiness, rudeness, lateness, and laziness

The most influential person in my life is:

my mother


I don't know where I'd be without her

The thing I love about New York:

that my family is here.
I was born and raised in Queens!

What I wish I could change:

Nothing, because all the events that have happened in my life have brought me to this very place.

I am enthusiastic about: 

Our generation really supporting each other. It's such a great feeling!


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