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AUDIENCE REVIEW: "A Dance to the Music of Time" by Syren Modern Dance

"A Dance to the Music of Time" by Syren Modern Dance

Syren Modern Dance

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Freeform Review:

Time is one of the most fundamental concepts in the physical sciences, as well as a basis of music and therfore dance. Syren, a staple of the New York dance scene for over a decade and a half, explores the intersection of these two related but distinctive notions in a new work "Ticktock". The company previewed three of the five movements of this work in progress yesterday at the Alvin Ailey center. The work is a successful extension of  long standing interests of Syren in using dance to explore science. Astrophysicist Paul Sutter introduced the piece with a monologue as the five dancers moved around him, while he explored time paradoxes and the Lorentz transformation (clearly--he explains well). The work itself, danced to Mozart, began with various embodiments of time at a personal level, and about midway through the performance moved to some remarkably tender duets exploring time as memory. 

The choreography by Kate St Armand and strongly gestural performances by Rivkins Christopher, Victoria, Ellis, Jessica Nolan, Darcie Perkins, and Lynn Peterson are accomplished and frankly exhilirating.  We look forward to the work's full debut in 2019.



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