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AUDIENCE REVIEW: An Unknown Surprise at The Biomorphic Dance Festival

An Unknown Surprise at The Biomorphic Dance Festival

Satomi Itohara

Performance Date:
March 26th, 2015

Freeform Review:

By Almam Akempta-Kargbo

The 3rd Annual Biomorphic Dance Festival featured many talented dancers performing imaginative performance pieces. But perhaps on that stood out to me was a dance piece entitled "Unknown", which was choreographed by Satomi Itohara. In the piece, Satomi gracefully dances in a certain modified ballet style. As she dances across the stage, a male (versatile dancer Takeshi Ohashi) eventually appears in the same space & he himself begins to dance. Although he moves in a different way, it is sort of familiar. As the two eventually notice their style of dance, they begin to move in together in a dreamlike symbiotic fashion.

Here, Itohara choreographs a dance that could symbolize the merging of two kindred spirits in a very beautifully tasteful artistic display. As compared to other pieces, Unknown is a dance piece that is intimate & personal while also being universal at the same time. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!


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