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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Ana Maria Lopez explores "Impermanence"

Ana Maria Lopez explores "Impermanence"

PIZARTS, Bronx Artist Residency

Performance Date:
December 11, 2021

Freeform Review:

Ana Maria Lopez takes her audience on a deep journey of exploration with "Impermancencia". The piece, in accordance to the title, compels the audience to self-explore the meaning of impermanence in their lives. As the creator and performer of this piece, Ana creates a safe space for her audience to expand on their encountered feelings as she graciously embarks on a journey of nuances. The work carefully drafts the distress that emerges with the concept of impermanence, while developing through her movement acceptance with intentionality; almost as if she was drafting a letter to the audience with a reminder that impermanence is ultimately unavoidable. This performance surely has a long lasting essence that ironically transcends impermanence for as long as it lives within us.

I am infinitely grateful to have experienced the beauty of this work in motion. Not only the choreography, but every detail was impeccable. From the beginning, with a candle ceremony through the lights and scenography were compelling and thought provoking.

Tarialy Hernandez


Photo Credit:
Beata Swiniarska

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