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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Antonio Fini Presents FINI DANCE FESTIVAL at Ailey Citigroup Center

Antonio Fini Presents FINI DANCE FESTIVAL at Ailey Citigroup Center

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This lovely event, hosted by Tabata Caldironi, featured many talented dancers from Italy, and the 12th Edition of the Italian International Dance Awards.

The evening opened with a trio of tap dancers (Turin Tap Festival), followed by a group of Hip Hop dancers (MC Dance Project). Then, the Fini Dance New York Summer Students filled the stage, dancing to music by Frank Sinatra, weaving in and out, and in between one another with such joy.

That was followed by the comedy of drag queens dressed as ballet dancers, who really were on pointe! They are known as Ballet Eloelle – Grandiva, who performed Odelisque Pas De Trois, from the ballet Le Corsaire.

The highlight for me were the two dancers Javier Dzul and Miriam Barbosa of Dzul Dance (who reminded me of actors Yul Brynner and Sonia Braga), were absolutely stunning, in Dance for a Woman that Transforms in an Eagle as they hung, swung and twirled from long black fabric hung from the ceiling of the theater. It was captivating, dangerous and very sexy!

The evening ended with the presentation of awards, and Louise Filippelli Cantrell was the winner of the Fini Italian International Lifetime Achievement Dance Award for her outstanding work in the creation of Dancing Angels Foundation, in honor of her two daughters, who died in a fire. The girls loved to dance! This dance and award event is held every year, usually in the last week of August, and I have added to my calendar, for it is not to be missed!


Steph Walker


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Nan Melville

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