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AUDIENCE REVIEW: “Artists in Motion” Convene in Alison Cook Beatty Dance’s Fall Season

“Artists in Motion” Convene in Alison Cook Beatty Dance’s Fall Season

Alison Cook Beatty Dance

Performance Date:
November 2-10, 2019

Freeform Review:

Female bodies orbit each other on the diagonal, driven towards destination unknown. Pulled yet again backwards, they float between lyrical and tumultuous phrases, riding on the inflections and breath patterns of the spoken word score.

“Song of Thunder,” the new work from choreographer and performer, Alison Cook Beatty, premieres this weekend as part of Artists in Motion, Alison Cook Beatty Dance’s fall season at the Salvatore Capezio Theater. The week of rotating programs, true to name, brings together downtown artists and companies in honor of Graciela Kozak, celebrated New York performer and teacher of over 35 years.  

Within the eye of moments of turbulent, circular movement, Beatty also manages to find the calm within her thunderous storm. The two women share moments of softness in egalitarian partnering, an exploration of the negotiation between effort, ease and surrender. 

Other works from Beatty’s repertoire continue to investigate dichotomy. “Behind the Curve” (2017) explores urban subjectivity and objectivity through four wired screens, manipulated throughout to continually shift the confines of each dancer’s space. “Whale” (2018), based on the Academy Award-winning film, “Whale Rider,” pits evolution against tradition, as young villager, Paikea, portrayed emotively by Fiona Oba, struggles against patrilineal forces. Beatty’s accessible, sensitive storytelling finds balance between the delicacy, yearning and power of youth.

Programs also feature works from Igal Perry, Chris Ferris, Junichi Fukuda, Marlene Skog, Alessandra Corona, Anastasia Ignatova, Ayako Takahashi, Natalie Flynn, Laura Katz Rizzo, Celeste Lanuza and Ariel Rivka.

“Artists in Motion” runs Nov. 2 through 10, with rotating programs, at the Salvatore Capezio Theater.


Sabrina Karlin


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