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AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Celebration" by Wolf & Swan Dance Company

"Celebration" by Wolf & Swan Dance Company

Wolf & Swan Dance Company

Performance Date:
May 13, 2018

Freeform Review:

The exquisite Wilma Casal and her ethereal dancers juxtapose Casal’s stunning choreography against the maelstrom of populist forces and post-feminist currents rending our psyches on a daily basis. Intensely beautiful, at times haunting, Casal’s Dust in My Wings shocked us out of our reverie when a voice clearly intended to be the Fuhrer delivered a shattering monologue. In Ancestral Shadows, the female dancers reminded us that the fight for equality begun by our feminist ancestors is yet to be finished and perhaps may even be slipping away. This young and intelligent dance company is one to watch, both for the dancers’ superior grace and skill and for Casal’s thought provoking commentary through dance in these challenging times.



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