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AUDIENCE REVIEW: ChrisMastersDance in "Mausoleum" (Review 3)

ChrisMastersDance in "Mausoleum" (Review 3)


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Freeform Review:

Mausoleum is intriguing and unique from the moment you enter the theatre. A high def camera sits on stage focused on the audience. This picture was taken a few minutes before showtime.  It remains there as the dancers enter one by one and have a close-up encounter with the camera while the audience is over their shoulders. This camera then takes you backstage, into the mezzanine, into the lobby, and more as you experience the dancer interactions with it and with each other while other dancing continues on stage turning your focus from one item to the next.

This reviewer saw Mausoleum three times and observed multiple new performance aspects each time. Mausoleum is an action packed performance focused on multiple aspects of dealing with death and bidding farewell to the past. 


Photo Credit:
Image by Robert Flynt

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