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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Cynthia Berkshire's "VEIL: Two Sisters" (Review 1)

Cynthia Berkshire's "VEIL: Two Sisters" (Review 1)

Cynthia Berkshire

Performance Date:
July 15, 2023

Freeform Review:

In this haunting work, the choreographer as creator crosses the boundaries to the otherworldly, moving between the here and the ‘hereother,’ using the magnetic pull of a mysterious bond between two sisters.

Undoing the neat categories of space and time that normally protect us in our everyday world, we are pulled into questioning our boundaries, limits and classifications as we watch and begin to realize the mystical process we are given to witness.

Drawn by the bond and intimations of familial love, we are eventually beguiled into 'crossing over' ourselves, pushing past our resistance to the mysterious and towering dimension of this realm via the sister’s bond. This we are given to somehow sense through the artist's extraordinary craft.

Her craft in accomplishing this works on multiple levels, including tacit and subtle ones, which resist a simplistic articulation, but leave the viewer with a compelling but ultimately mysterious experience...


William C Bushell / Mind-Body Consciousness

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