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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Dance Visions NY in "Art & Music in Motion" (Review 1)

Dance Visions NY in "Art & Music in Motion" (Review 1)

Dance Visions NY

Performance Date:
April 20,2024

Freeform Review:

Dance Visions NY's "Art & Music in Motion" was an extraordinary production, one that shouldn't be missed!

The premiere of “Subway Windows,” which was inspired by artist Ilene Isseks' "Subway Series" paintings, was thoroughly entertaining, uplifting and funny, weaving together different art forms to depict varying interactions between people on the subway. The piece began with background paintings exhibiting subway scenes and included highly talented musicians and vocalists Rose Gunter and Elysa Sunshine singing Duke Ellington’s “Take the A Train” as the dancers entered the train.  Later each dancer was highlighted, portraying a different personality, and moved though humorous, exaggerated everyday interactions. These amusing interactions between the subway passengers were presented simultaneously with each other — rushing, sleeping, getting in each other’s way, being shocked by different behaviors, and ultimately getting to know each other, becoming friends and developing relationships. There was a stunning balance between quieter moments of stationary dance movement and facial expressions and bolder moments which included lifts, acrobatic flips, turns and partnering.  I greatly enjoyed the additional tribute to subway performers with realistic depictions of joyful, free-spirited dance celebrating NYC’s culture and individualism with dancers cheering each other on, clapping and enjoying each other’s moves. The enthusiasm was infectious, and the audience was clapping and cheering them on as well!

Beth Jucovy and Patrec-Alexander Jones-Brown radiated a love of dance and music as they danced to the song “That’s Alright Mama,” sung live, interacting exquisitely as they alternated between dancing together and independently, giving off joyous, free-spirited, "go with the flow" vibes that made me feel like dancing too. Beth’s solo dance to “Feeling Good” was heartfelt and incorporated movements in harmony with the gorgeous solo song by Farah Chandu. Watching it, I felt a connection to nature and to new beginnings, and it "felt good." The choir Willow sang a lovely, customized version of the song, “Hallelujah.” The 6 dancers’ loose white costumes, combined with their slow, peaceful motions and facial expressions, divinely depicted the message of the song, embracing the human condition and paradoxes of life, both perfect and broken, and having faith through it all.

"Through the Portals," with a background of images from Susan Ruth Cohen's painting series "Finding the Song," incorporated color, imagery, music and fluidity of motion to depict the continuity of life. The audience was clearly touched by the emotion and genuine, unique energy radiating through each dancer. Each dancer wore a differently colored costume, which represented their persona. The dancers alternated between dancing in various groupings and independently, which powerfully and sublimely portrayed the necessity of interconnectedness between people as well as each person’s own journey of self-renewal and transformation. 

The concert and company, directed by Beth Jucovy, consists of 12 superb dancers:  Louisa Armstrong-Harrison, Emily Butera, Tyler Brunson, Abby Dias, Patrec-Alexander Jones-Brown, Beth Jucovy, Jared McAboy, Anne Parichon, Julia Ramirez, Lexi Sim, Susan Steinman and Joshua White. 


Photo: (L to R) Dancers Lexi Sim, Anne Parichon, Joshua White, Beth Jucovy, Tyler Brunson and Louisa Armstrong-Harrison with Farah Chandu and Willow Choir in "Hallelujah."










Alycia Siegel

Photo Credit:
Anthony Pepitone, "Hallelujah"

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