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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Dance Visions NY presents "Rising Up" (Review 2)

Dance Visions NY presents "Rising Up" (Review 2)

Dance Visions NY

Performance Date:
June 18, 2023

Freeform Review:

Dance Visions NY’s production of “Rising Up” on the grounds of the Unitarian Universalist congregation Shelter Rock, in Manhasset Long Island is composed of an exquisitely executed, emotionally charged and energetic compilation of works. Themes in the concert relate to our earth, our identity, body autonomy and our ability to make a difference. The production is directed and choreographed by Beth Jucovy and includes live music of Willow Women’s Choir, arranged and conducted by Farah Chandu. The wonderful vocalists create an atmosphere of sophistication and intimacy which added to the messages being communicated and clearly reached the hearts of the audience.  

The dancers’ stage presence as well as the costumes and use of props powerfully express the dramatic qualities and depth of each dance work. Beth Jucovy’s dancing reveals an internal joy with perfectly articulated body language and facial expressions. She seemed to have successfully imparted that artistry to her dancers.

Every dance is perfectly expressive of the music. A work which stood out to me was "From a Distant Past (Part 1)", which included an interpretation of excerpts from a powerful and insightful poem written by Kyra Jucovy. The work depicts the continuous motion of the universe as well as in our lives and suggests the deep link between the two.

I love the communication and relationships between the dancers in the pieces, In “Portals: Forging the Elements,” the use of different colored costumes for each of the dancers enhances their interactions and movements, highlighting the theme and mood. In addition, the choreography and dancers' expansive use of the space is impressive.

In "Dialogue," the fact that the dancers of different generations moved from having a conversation to covering their faces with black veils waving red streamers was artistically powerful. It highlighted the feeling of being silenced and powerless signifying a reversal of a freedom. The audience was left with a strong need to join forces to have our voices heard.

“Rising Up” is a program that should be viewed again and again for deeper appreciation as it has much to say. The dancers seemed to fully internalize the words of the songs and poems with their eloquent execution. The themes of the concert are exquisitely expressed and experiencing it was deeply spiritual and meaningful.


Alycia Siegel

Photo Credit:
Anthony Pepitone

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