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AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Dances I Love," Curated and Produced by Audrey Ross

"Dances I Love," Curated and Produced by Audrey Ross

Producer: Audrey Ross

Performance Date:
April 30, 2023

Freeform Review:

Dances I Love was an inspired program of solos and included one group dance. The quality of choreography and perfomance was superb. It was invigorating to see dancers in this intimate setting and to witness their range of physicality and emotion. The artistry was abundant. 

This perfectly paced concert included the laser focus and power of Ane Arrieta in Lorn MacDougal's Glass, the deep elegance of Valentina Kozlova in her creation, Til Then, and Christine Dakin's awe-inspiring, chilling character portrayal in Short Story by Jaime Blanc.

The second half of the program provided a first known reconstruction of Janet Collins' Apre Le Mardi Gras (1947) performed with charm and whimsy by Daphne Lee, the grace and intensity of Margie Gillis in her solo, Bloom and a bold interpretation by Donna Clark who performed Elo Pomare's Narcissus Rising. Lydia Johnson 's Clearing, a dance for ten women, resonated as a statement about the power of sisterhood.  


Lydia Johnson Dance in "Clearing"; photo by Dmitry Beryozkin



William Whitener

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