AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Delicate Web" by Dance Visions NY

"Delicate Web" by Dance Visions NY

Dance Visions NY

Performance Date:
May 19, 2019

Freeform Review:

Delicate Web, by Dance Visions is a cautionary work dealing with climate change.  I am a "climate skeptic", not totally convinced of the human element in climate change.  However, I was truly touched and impacted by this work.  Whatever one's opinion, this is a work of strong conviction, beautifully executed.  The juxtaposition of the many pieces of music was  haunting and expressed a sense of people living in their own little worlds.  Trash on stage seemed to represent the throwaway nature of our world.  Even in the beautiful dancing, there were some movements which were not "quite right", which is exactly what this piece is expressing.  All seems well, but it's not quite right.  The woman in red at the end can be interpreted as hope moving away from us, or as hope beckoning us to follow us in the right direction.    All in all, the performance left me with strong emotions, with a glimpse of hope, which is in our hands.



Dorothy Reiser

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