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"Drift" by GREYZONE at Abrons


Performance Date:
June 9, 2016

Freeform Review:

From the moment the lights pour over the dancers their bodies highlight the bold shapes found within the human form, sculptural but not in the classical sense. It was like dance I had never seen before. Somehow these dancers, through the precise execution of meticulous choreography, took two dimensional forms of line and shape and gave them breath and life in a three dimensional landscape. All without, for one moment, seeming overworked or overly thought out. The shapes seemed to appear and disappear and evolve one into the other seamlessly. The soundscape so perfectly accompanied the dance that it never once caught your attention, that is to say it flowed so in synch with the movement that the two together helped draw you in to a world of living patterns. Truly something new, creative and fresh. With the vivid colors of the costumes, the scupturally carved choreography, and the impeccable flow of music, this amazingly talented group of dancers paralleled a kind of dimensional printmaking in the vein of Charley Harper.

More about GREYZONE: http://www.grey-zone.com/


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