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AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Flamenco Gumbo II" by Flamenco Latino

"Flamenco Gumbo II" by Flamenco Latino

Flamenco Latino

Performance Date:
July 29, 2016

Freeform Review:

Flamenco Latino presented their best show to date! Aurora Reyes always sends a wave of love to the audience with her soulful presence and forceful sound. Somehow, she takes you with her, making you feel that everything is going to be all right. Tap dancer Omar Edwards has a similar gift. Dressed in white, shirt flapping, Edwards moves with an easy breezy, steady smooth patter, spiced with some slam Slam SLAM! Percussionist Guillermo Barron added his own affirmations with some high-hat synchronizations - such as catching just when Edwards' thrown white patent leather shoe hit the floor. Guitarist/composer Basilio Georges shared his intricate, flamenco takes on jazz standards Round Midnight and Summertime, as well as fusions with New Orleans inventions ' Big Chief Opener" and "Big Chief" by Earl King. Flamenco prodigy Jose Moreno dazzled with an extended rumination on solea. In a supportive role, Danny Rivera, Baritone Sax, blended perfected with guitar and percussion.

Georges introduced the show by saying that he came to NYC as a jazz guitarist who switched to playing bass while his wife Aurora Reyes was accumulating skills as a flamenco dancer and singer. They merged their Latin/Spanish loves to create Flamenco Latino. Thirty years later, he stumbled on the musical treasures from New Orleans - thus the inspiration for last year's show Gumbo I, followed by this year's Gumbo II.

*The show continues July 30, 3pm & 8pm, Sunday July 31, 4:30pm at Flamenco Latino Studio Theatre, 244 West 54th Street, 4th Floor.


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