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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Fringe Festival 2017: Asya Zlatina and Dancers and more

Fringe Festival 2017: Asya Zlatina and Dancers and more

Asya Zlatina and Dancers

Performance Date:
September 14, 2017

Freeform Review:

Fringe Festival 2017 at the Performance Garage was filled with dance enthusiasts, artists, creative, and beautiful people. Asya Zlatina brought a stage of daring proportions, and the time stretched out which felt like a only a few moments. This is impressive for this medium. The opening of Passage, by Caitlin Quinn Pittenger, with projections was a collage of objective shadows and sweeping, overlapping angles created by the dancers. The interaction with a window in the foreground, and the backs of the dancers facing the audience pushed the room to a proper size. The dancers dressed in white, Alisa Lacovelli, Morgan O'shea, and Jaclyn Salerno mimic the force of wind against a window pane. They move like the wind. The projection of an industrial space, adds to the emptiness of the air on stage.  Together the dancers intertwine and reach out or fall down with weightlessness.

Next Rough Tough Baby by Sydney Donovan and Rachel Neitzke moved to a more confusing interaction between a boy and a girl. It is about a Peterpan that never grows up, possibly. The dancers seperate and follow each other barely touching one another. Attitude of the young Rachel Neitzke is a fiery inspiration. The mirror image of a man is showings time never changing. The attitude of Sydney Donovan is restricted to ripping turns and long strides. They notice each other, and the age difference does not sense distance.

Storm by Asya Zlatina is performed to the music, 'The Planets' by Gustav Holst, and the lighting by Guillermo Ortega Tanus is epic. Have you ever seen The Space Odyssey? It is crafted through time and space, and Zlatina has demonstrated how emotional the human experience changes us with her dance. Storm starts with Donovan and Little Daniella. Venus is revolving around a high princess and a languishing warrior. Mars is the bringer of war, and the spotlight on all of the dancers shows a red scarf around their neck. Annielille Gavino portrays the wounded alien. Jupiter, the bringer of jolly is comedic. Zlatina performs Saturn. The dresses of the bringer of joy and the bringer of age (Saturn) make two worlds collide. Watching the men of Uranus take the wounded dancer away is cinematic in the way it captures a history of conflict among men. Neptune was performed by Zlatina and Anmuth dancing and they remind us of life on other planets. It was weird, alien, but not too different from Earth.






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