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AUDIENCE REVIEW: HARTT DANCES: What audience members said

HARTT DANCES: What audience members said


Performance Date:
November 22, 2019

Freeform Review:

It was my pleasure to set Martha Graham's iconic work "Chronicle" on Hartt Dancers.  These are some reviews that I received from audiences who didn't have access to write their reviews so here it is:

Review #1:  by John Pasanen

I found Chronicle one of the most moving pieces of modern dance I have ever seen. The commitment of the dancers and their skill was so complete that I felt  I was watching a professional company executing this demanding, exquisite, piece. My wife and I attended the Friday performance in which Ane Arrieta danced the Spectre solo so beautifully,  so completely absorbed into the role, that I felt guided into the mind and vision of Martha Graham herself. I had to make some last minute arrangements  to be able to return on Saturday to see again the magic of Chronicle. Chronicle has been restaged by Miki Orihara who  gave her dancers brilliant instruction, guiding them through a performance  I expect these marvelous dancers will remember for the rest of their lives.

Review #2:  by Judith Weisman

On Friday, November,22, my husband and I were captivated by a brilliantly entertaining dance performance by Hartt Dance of the University of Hartford at Lincoln Theater.  We were so enthused that we called our out-of-town children and grandchildren, encouraging the  dance lovers to drive down for the Saturday or Sunday performances.  The individual components that comprised the production were mesmerizing — beginning with the creativity of the Hartt School Faculty Choreographers, the artistry and technical skills of the dancers, the striking costumes, and the mood-inducing lighting and music. Stephen Pier, Artistic Director of the Hartt School Dance Division has much to be proud of and applauded for in achieving a new “high.” 







miki orihara

Photo Credit:
Rachel A. Russel

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