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AUDIENCE REVIEW: IMPULSO: A Documentary Film by Emilio Belmonte

IMPULSO: A Documentary Film by Emilio Belmonte

Documentary film by Emilio Belmonte

Performance Date:
Film Forum screening - October 18, 2017

Freeform Review:

Artists are products of their time. Rocio Molina, a Spanish dancer  now in her early 30s who mastered the traditional art of flamenco by the time she was twelve, is continually searching for a way to "loose herself to find herself." Watching the documentary by Emilio Belmonte about Molina's preparation for her performance of CAIDA DEL CIELO in Paris is like watching someone addicted to the thrill of dancing towards the edge of the unknown. While many take drugs to do the same, Molina focuses on her art with childish glee and determination. Her mother, a sweet emotive woman slightly smaller than the diminutive Molina, trembles with fear as she watches her daughter push herself until she "stops being herself and becomes this monster."

First seen in IMPUSLO rehearsing with knee and elbow pads, short shorts, and a no-nonsense expression, Molina psyches us all for a free fall with her "chaffing at the bit" energy. The documentary is filled with interesting quotes such as Molina's statement, " Flamenco is nothing but rhythm. You work it like dough. You flatten it, you stretch it, and you let it rest."

For the viewers who have not had the joy of seeing her perform live, this documentary does not give you the full flow and wit of her art. Perhaps Molina's restless drive made the filmmakers jumpy; they translate Molina's play against expectations as cuts away from climaxes. 

What an important testament this documentary is though to how far women have come today. IMPULSO celebrates a young Spanish woman so confident that she craves the chance to experience "things that don't come from power...but from moments of weakness."

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Deirdre Towers


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