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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Jiali Wang: 7Midnights Physical Research

Jiali Wang: 7Midnights Physical Research

7Midnights Physical Research

Performance Date:
September 27, 2019

Freeform Review:

The 7 Midnights Physical Research explores seven social issues: class, education, ability, sexuality, race, age, gender. Each piece presented in this series tackles one or more of these topics. Interestingly, which topic(s) covered were not known to the audience unless the audience chose to stay for the discussion and ask the choreographer. There was a wide variety of performers in this showcase, from dancers to vocalists to music creators.

The show started with a performance by curator Jiali Wang. It was an interesting take to watch the dance to the narration of what this showcase is all about. Instead of the normal dressed up talk from director, Jiali presented it in her language-dance. This was followed by a duet from Leah Moriarty. A solo by William-Michael Cooper utilized lots of beautiful technique which reminded me of Martha Graham classes. “Invisible Decorum” by Joan Liu was the most “concert dance” like piece in the first half. That along with Caitlin Javech’s “Yellow Ball” which was the last piece before finale were my favorites. Both of these choreographers utilized space and dynamics well. I can see the exceptional trainings of the dancer but at the same time not feeling I was watching a circus act. I felt the art.


Xuan Yi

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