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AUDIENCE REVIEW: MORISHITA Maki presents "Dancing Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven, 'Fate'"

MORISHITA Maki presents "Dancing Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven, 'Fate'"


Performance Date:
Viewing period: 20 March - 14 June, 2020 @ The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu

Freeform Review of:

MORISHITA Maki + The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu present
"Dancing Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven, 'Fate'"

MORISHITA Maki is a Japanese dancer and choreographer. She participated in an American tour of The Fruits borne out of rust with Tabaimo as a choreographer last winter.

She returned to Japan and made a dance film at the museum, which was closed to prevent the spread of infection COVID-19.

She started solo dances in 2003 and has performed in over 10 years in 30 cities all over the world. In 2015 she was invited to choreograph and direct more than 40 citizen dancers with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 "Fate" (premiered on March 5, 2016) for the Citizen Participation Project "Let's dance in the orchestra!", conducted by Seiichi Furuya and performed by the Kani Symphony Orchestra at the Kani Public Arts Center (ala) (premiered on March 5, 2016). After that, she wanted to perform a solo and asked four choreographers to choreograph each movement for the work she dance (premiered on December 1, 2017). The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu was planed an exhibition focusing on the artist-in-residence programs held in the Gifu Prefecture for the exhibition "Art-MARUKET" and asked her to reply her solo work “Fate”, as it matched the theme “AiR”, "citizen participation" and “development to new creation", and the year 2020 is also the memorial of Beethoven's 250th anniversary. However, due to the recent spread of the new coronavirus infection, the museum had to cancel the program. In response to the situation, MORISHITA Maki, her staff member and the museum have taken that as a new creative opportunity, and changed the program to make a dance video work at the entrance, hall and garden of the museum, based on the theme of Artist-in-Residence, and to distribute the video to the whole world. The period that would be devoted to the venue setup and be prepared for the performance was changed as as the length of their visiting for a new creation, the performance on a stage was developed and locations expanded to several places in the museum. After various twists and turns, a new work was created while accepting 'Fate - Schicksalssinfonie'.


MIKIKO (the 1st movement)
MORIYAMA Mirai (the 2nd movement)
ISHIKAWA Naoki (the 3rd movement)
KASAI Akira (the 4th movement)

Camera Editor: MATSUZAWA Sou
Camera Assistant: MAKINO Saki
Graphic Designer: SHIOTA Serina
General Assistant: IZU Makiko
Costume Designer: HAGINO Midori
Lighting Technichian MIURA Asako
Stage Director KAWACHI Takashi

Music: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67 written by Ludwig van Beethoven, performed by the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, and conducted by Richard Edlinger. Copyright: 1989 Naxos Rights US, Inc. Licensed by Naxos Japan, Inc.

Related program to the exhibition: Art-MARUKET, Artists are Coming to My Town!

Organized by and performed at The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu.

Copyrights ©️2020 MORISHITA Maki + The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, All rights reserved.







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