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AUDIENCE REVIEW: MeenMoves / Sameena Mitta presents "alternative (f)Acts"

MeenMoves / Sameena Mitta presents "alternative (f)Acts"

MeenMoves / Sameena Mitta

Performance Date:
Thursday, June 8, 2017

Freeform Review:

Sameena Mitta's alternative (f)Acts is silly.  It's wonderfully crafted.  It has an impressive economy of means (a design that succeeds because the revisited movement vocabulary is so fun to watch repeatedly).  The movement material is challenging to dance.  The dancing is beautiful, lively, energetic and effortless.  There's all manner of subversion.  The video, text, and live music are as sly and playful as the dancing.  Everything's tossed together with charming wit and verve.




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