AUDIENCE REVIEW: Miriam Barbosa's "Enter the Luminous" III

Miriam Barbosa's "Enter the Luminous" III

Miriam Barbosa Dance

Performance Date:
June 3 2018

Freeform Review:

Miriam’s performance touched me in my heart, body and mind. It was one of those performances which make you see the world in a different light! It took me on a most wonderful emotional ride. It involved mastery of technique, imagination, and creativity presented in a perfect balance of grounded and ethereal dance that takes you deep into your consciousness and unconsciousness. I recommend it to anyone who would like to expand their horizons in art of dance and beyond, to those who are willing to grow in their understanding of themselves, and art lovers who want to enjoy faboulous visions on stage. Thank you, Miriam, for such a treat! 



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