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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Movement Headquarters Ballet Company: Pre-Launch Showing & Fundraiser

Movement Headquarters Ballet Company: Pre-Launch Showing & Fundraiser

Movement Headquarters Ballet Company

Performance Date:
Aug. 24th, 2019

Freeform Review:

It was a pleasure to be able to attend Movement Headquarters Ballet Company’s Pre-Launch event. The audience got a peek into what the podcast host Barry Kerollis has been cooking up with his new company. With a mission of bringing ballet back to the forefront of concert dance, Mr. Kerollis is certainly ambitious.

The event was held at Martha Graham Studios with a beautiful view of Manhattan. We were told of an injury during dress rehearsal, hence unfortunately, one of the pieces was cut. The show then started with a solo danced by Ali Block, a strong, technical dancer. We had an interlude of tap dance (not by the company) before we moved on to , which was a trio danced by Shannon Maynor, Camila Rodrigues, and Kennedy Roese. This piece has a definite Balanchine flare to it, probably influenced by Mr. Kerollis’ background at SAB and PNB. The dancers were graceful and had a joy in their movements. The last piece , the only piece not in pointe shoes aside from the tap number, showed off the contemporary abilities of the dancers. Both Ali Block and Raum Aron Gens-Ostrowski exhibited a wide range of emotions through their story-telling.

As it was a pre-launch showing and fundraiser, we all joined in for some drinks and silent auction after the performance. It was a pleasant night, albeit short. I am looking forward to the launch of Movement Headquarters Ballet Company!


Xuan Yi

Photo Credit:
Ali Block & Weston Krukow in "Rite - A Modern Ritual"

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