AUDIENCE REVIEW: Oxana Chi in "I Step On Air"

Oxana Chi in "I Step On Air"

Oxana Chi at Dixon Place

Performance Date:
Sept 23, 2015

Freeform Review:

I was really interested in the way this performance was framed, initially with a literal frame that could be read as a window, picture frame, painting frame, television, screen, etc. I thought about how we see difference and the role language plays in how we determine the lives of others, particularly with race, ethnicity, citizenship, and gender. The use of language to bookend the performance worked really well. I slowly became more and more curious about the relationship between Oxana and Layla, how they were perceiving cues from one another, watching, listening, seeing each other in ways that felt were outside of other than that inititial frame being used to set up the problem of difference. They were expanding the frame through their recognition and observation of one another. The sounds were rich and dynamic. I found myself wishing the sounds came out of more directed actions that were contingent on Oxana's movements or vice versa. Overall, a thoughtful, beautifully paced, meditation. Thank you!


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