AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Possession" by Doug Varone and Dancers

"Possession" by Doug Varone and Dancers

Doug Varone and Dancers

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On January 18th I attended one of Next Move Dance Performances at their new home, the Prince Theater. Since 1983 Next Move Dance has been instrumental in bringing various types of dance companies to audiences in Philadelphia. Doug Varone and Dancers presented three different dances. ReComposed had its premier in 2015, Folded premiered in 2016, and lastly Possession was premiered in 1994.

There is a pause and the the third dance, Possession is slow and intense. There seems to be a deep space. It is an abstract narrative about two Victorian poets who had an affair with each other. There seems to be a light at the end of a dark tunnel or a train whistle is beginning to appear louder. The floaty dance of this partnering shows new heights and new lows for how Doug Varone controls the intensity. There was a dynamic angle which the dancers' gestured toward each other and I think it created a believable space between body and soul.


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