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AUDIENCE REVIEW: SE:MUEVE workshop on "Impermanence"

SE:MUEVE workshop on "Impermanence"

PIZARTS Bronx Artist Residency

Performance Date:
Nov 17

Freeform Review:

I attended Ana's Impermanence workshop in November 2021 thinking that it would be solely movement based, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it had many elements of mindfulness. Beginning with a warm introduction session where all the participants got to know one another, the workshop included breathing exercises, ways to tune into our bodies, a movement segment with fantastic live music, guided meditation, and some art making at the end. There were also snacks and bonding time. These were all a great offerings, better than I expected. I particularly loved the communal feel of the whole experience and felt so close to the participants even though I hadn't known them for long. Ana Maria López is a great facilitator and dancer who is in tune with the needs of the community and also stays true to her heart. Her authenticity and intention of healing made this experience more valuable!





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