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AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Space Pillars" by Parcon NYC/Cecilia Fontanesi

"Space Pillars" by Parcon NYC/Cecilia Fontanesi

Parcon NYC/Cecilia Fontanesi

Performance Date:
August 4-5, 2018

Where: GANTRY PLAZA STATE PARK, Long Island City


When: August 4 and 5, 2018 at 1 pm , 3pm, 5 pm and 7pm  


Who: Cecilia Fontanesi/Parcon NYC

What: In Space Pillars the audience was invited to explore the space around the dazzling Pepsi-Cola sign facing the East River. Participants were encouraged to move in different ways , walking, running, jumping, rolling, and crawling. They were (literally) in touch with each other and with the sign's pillars, through hands, forearms, heads, shoulders, backs, hips, and feet. Together they reflected on what it means to be given space, to hold it, and to intersect the space of others.

More info: https://www.parconhub.com/insitu-2018-space-pillars


Freeform Review:

"We are monuments.
Every one of us.
I see before me, 
men, women and children
and each one of us is a pillar
upon which entire worlds were built."
This is the place we have been given,
to walk upon and live in.
Our impact upon this land is timeless.
We are the pillars that hold up the sky."

Excerpt from the poem "Pillars" by Spencer Dennison 



Photo Credit:
Stephen Delas Heras

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