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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Story, Music, Dance... Action! at The Moving Beauty Series

Story, Music, Dance... Action! at The Moving Beauty Series

The Moving Beauty Series

Performance Date:
March 2015

Freeform Review:

After the opening speech, the lights faded and the secrete theater, went dark. When the lights came back up the music had started and the dancers began to tell a wonderful story, with dance, emotion and energy, that swept the audience members off their seats and into what the evening had in store.

The Moving Beauty Series is really a stroke of brilliance. I have never heard of another concert, company, or series, giving local artists a chance to step into the spot light and be seen. The director of the Series made and excellent point when he said that “artists are often unappreciated and underpaid.” Which I think most of us can agree is very true.

The series was loaded to the top with good performers and a good stage and tech crew, who did their best to make sure that the spirit of a professional environment was demonstrated, to just for the audience members, but also to give the performers a small taste of what performing professionally is like.

This is a series that I believe is worth going to see, every time it comes back to life to perform for us again. It is also something that has a great potential to expand and grow into something even bigger than it is now, because it has a great director and crew, dedicated to greatness and a professional environment.


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