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AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Tough One" by Yeujia Low

"Tough One" by Yeujia Low

Yeujia Low

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Freeform Review:

I recently saw "Tough One" by Yeujia Low at the Triskelion Arts Center in Brooklyn.  Backed by a superb solo piano performance by Ms. Low of an ethereal Philip Glass piece, she has created a visually stunning marriage of movement and music with 4 principal dancers (and herself).  The movement of the dancers, individually and collectively (in groups and all together), ebbed and flowed, cascaded, and swirled.  The timing was impeccable and the synchronicity was mesmerizing  You felt swept along.  The overall effect was delightful, beautiful, and deeply emotional.  Not being a real connoisseur of dance, I was surprised at my reaction, and thorougly pleased.  Ms. Low has crafted a simple but elegant piece of art.  Surely more is to come.


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