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WAXWORKS Spring 2020 Season

Aya Jane Saotome

Performance Date:
February 23, 2020

Freeform Review:

I was privileged to see the work of many creative groups at this innovative gathering, but the piece performed and choreographed by Aya Jane Saotome stood out from the rest. While many of the other pieces were deeply introspective and told stories promoting a world with a lens turned inward, Aya's piece burst with vibrancy. She utilized voice, comedic timing, group synchronization and a number of styles to symbolize social and class structure in the bustling life of a city dweller. Moments and emotions were instantly recognizable and it was a joy to watch. The lively thematic merging of expressive styles of mixed dance told an all too human story. I can't wait to see what else Aya Jane has in store!



Photo Credit:
Aya Jane Saotome in "Shifting Pulse"

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More Audience Reviews