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AUDIENCE REVIEW: "What Works II" by Curet Performance Project

"What Works II" by Curet Performance Project

Curet Performance Project

Performance Date:
March 31, 2017

Freeform Review:

I was first exposed to CPP in November 2016 during an event with Dana Mills at the Martha Graham Studio Theatre. This performance stimulated me: the need for art in this day and age is more critical than ever. CPP's mission propels ME to do my part as a citizen to take the legacy of the arts forward. How can I use dance, and conversation, to engage with more people? To create a stronger discussion, share experiences, and bridge gaps? How can we ACT?

What Works II stimulated me in the same way- and in a stronger way. This performance was a culmination of 2.5 years of research regarding the politics of identity, freedom, and resilience. Multiple works were presented which revealed how the political state of the “now” has changed over time. The three premieres of Border Control: Are There Enough Walls Yet?, the dance film Voiceless in Spaces and live gallery exhibition of ACT.NOW. offered particularly relatable insights into the present state around the globe. I enjoyed the live musician, Idan Morim, who described their collaboration as "speaking different languages at times," before coming together and creating something visceral. The globe needs that sort of relationship with one another.

We are facing the biggest inequality gap since the 1930s. ACTION has to happen. CPP successfully opens the channel for awareness and conversation. They generously give back to the community, and I recommend them as a must-see/must-support collection of artists.

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