Performance Date:
Saturday, November 7,2020

Freeform Review:

"From destruction comes rebirth." In the dark days of the global pandemic "DanceVisionsNY" captures a unique moment in time.The film is a collage with multi-faceted sequences, posing questions about the nature of darkness. Will the darkness lead to a renaissance and a renewal of all of the light within us? The beautiful background locations remind us of the power and the majesty of Mother Nature. Water, Air, Earth,Fire are forces sublimely choreographed and integrated into dance and movement. The motion echoes the darkness of 2020 because we can not control , so we endure, we surrender, we learn. "Zoetropsis,"the ability to perceive depths, inspires introspection and reverence for Life itself. It is a grand collaboration of mother and daughter, Beth Jucovy and Kyra Jucovy. For many of us this film will be a reminder of what we lived through in the years to come. Congratulations are in order for the performers and crew who powered through the COVID-19 obstacles in order to give us a beacon of light through the Darkness


Martha Theodos

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