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AUDIENCE REVIEW: white road Dance / Evergreen

white road Dance / Evergreen

white road Dance / Evergreen

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Company / Show / Event
white road Dance / Evergreen

Performance Date

Venue / Location
Triskelion Arts

A bit about you:
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former athlete, now an RN

What was the last time you moved your body?
Does the gym count?

Why did you go to the show? What did you expect to see?
Went with my man, expected to see ballet or something, honestly

Freeform Review:
I'm a dance newbie, I came to this site because there was a postcard in my program. After checking to see if anyone else had written anything about this show yet, I'm gonna jump in. I have no idea how exactly to review something like this but- 

This show knocked me and my guy out. These women were absolutely giving it all they had, in every singe moment were onstage. I played basketball in college, and you know that saying? Don't leave anything on the court? Yeah well, nothing left on the stage but sweat. I caught myself leaning forward, wanting to dance with them or something. I caught myself smiling, even tearing up. Me, outwardly the most non-emotional person you'd meet, emoting. 

This morning the images I witnessed onstage are still with me. Thank you white road Dance Media for a truly amazing and inspirational evening. 


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