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Audience Reviews For Artists

Dear Artists,
The idea behind Audience Reviews is to give your fans a platform to share their experience of your work with a wider audience. Audience Reviews do not replace critical reviews from recognized press; but, as critical reviews are becoming scarce, this is a new way to have your work acknowledged. Audience Reviews are also a great way to let a potential presenter or granting organization know how audiences respond to your work!


Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast


Suggestions We have a few recommendations about how you can utilize this resource to support your work.


1. Invite Key Fans

We're sure you have a few fans who are strong supporters of your work. Get them involved by inviting them to submit an Audience Review on The Dance Enthusiast. Select two or three fans who are active in supporting your work. Send them a message with the invitation to write a review. Make sure to let them know you appreciate their support and want their voices  to help your work reach a wider audience.
TIP: Ask your key fans at least a week before your performance to make sure they are available, prepared and excited.

2. Activate Your Audience

You have a room full of people about to watch your performance. Let them know you'd like to hear their response to your work in The Dance Enthusiast Review section.
TIP: a. Include an insert or text in your playbill with information about The Dance Enthusiast Audience Review section. (We have postcards for you to insert if you would prefer)
 b.Tell your audience about Audience Reviews in your Curtain Speech. (Point out the insert or text in your playbill.)
 c. Follow up with an email and social media postings. Call on your audience to act  and submit a Dance Enthusiast
  Audience Review.

Audience Reviews

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