Milteri Tucker Concepcion/ Bombazo Dance Photo by Javier Luis
Milteri Tucker Concepcion/ Bombazo Dance Photo by Javier Luis

Audience Reviews For Audiences

Dear Dance Lovers,
Did you know that sharing your experience and perspectives on a performance can have a big impact? At The Dance Enthusiast, we want to include your voice and perspectives on the performances you are attending. You love dance, you see performances, you have thoughts and opinions to share. We have a way to get your thoughts and opinions out there.

Here's How Your Voice Will Positively Enhance the World of Dance.

*You will introduce dancers and dance companies to new people who otherwise would not have known about their work.
*Artists, performing companies and presenters can use your Audience Review to gain support for future performances
*Sharing your experience of a performance will excite and inspire others to see dance and write about it.

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast

How to Review: There are 4 ways to post your Audience Review.

1. The Dance Enthusiast Questionnaire

Need a little structure? Not quite sure what to write? Try answering our question prompts. They are intended to spark your imagination and help you write about your experience. This is a great way to review, especially if you are new to writing about dance ( even if you are not.) Remember, there is no right or wrong answer.
TIP: Read the questionnaire before you see the performance so you can watch from different perspectives. Answer following the performance.

2. The Dance Enthusiast Haiku Review

Sometimes one art form can inspire another. Respond to dance with a Haiku and pare down your thoughts to 17 syllables! Why Haiku? A Haiku is structured like a dance. It has 17 syllables( first line 5, second line 7, third line, 5) that happen in 3 phrases. There's movement between those syllables and words that create an artistic experience for the reader and it's very much like the way dancers transform steps into movement phrases. Think of this as dancing words.
Give it a try, and have fun.
TIP: Go with the flow. Remember poetry does not have to make sense.

3. Free Form Review

Ready to let those thoughts flow? Express your ideas and opinions in an open format. Write about your experience any way you would like! The sky is the limit so don't hold back.
TIP: What was your strongest response to the performance? Choreography? Dancers? Story? Design? Music? Or something else? There is a lot to talk about in a dance performance. Start with one idea and let them flow from there.

4. Re-Post Your Blog

Already writing about dance? Great. By re-posting on The Dance Enthusiast you'll be able to grow your readership by reaching new fans and introducing your favorite artists to a new group of people. It's a win-win for you, the artists you're writing about, and dance lovers who read your work!  All we ask before you re-post is that you answer a couple of questions from our Dance Enthusiast Audience Review Questionnaire. Then you are ready to go.


Audience Reviews

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