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Audience Reviews For Presenters

Dear Dance Presenters,
The Dance Enthusiast is here to support your work. The idea behind Audience Reviews is to give your audience a platform to share their experiences of your programming. Audience Reviews are a tool that will help you harness the excitement of those who attend your shows. Words from enthused fans will help your promotion and marketing efforts, strengthen your existing audience and assist you in cultivating new supporters. Audience Reviews engage, empower and offer your audience a new way to take an active part in your community.



How To Use Audience Reviews: Some Suggestions

We have a few recommendations about how you can utilize this resource to support your work.

1. Activate Your Audience

You have a theater full of people about to watch your performance. Let them know you'd like to hear their responses to your work through The Dance Enthusiast's Audience Review!
a. Include an insert or text in your playbill with information about TDE's Audience Review. (If you would like we can give you access to our postcards.)

b.Tell your audience about Audience Reviews in your curtain speech and point out the insert or text in your playbill.

c. Follow up with an email and social media postings after each performance with a call to action for your audience to create a review on The Dance Enthusiast and include this web link:
To Review

2. Ask the Artist/ Company

Ask the artist/company you are presenting if they have someone from their audience who would like to do share an Audience Review. This is a great way to build community between your venue and the artists' audiences. Provide basic support to the artist/company by sending the link to our section For Artists.

3. Partner with a School or Community Group

Audience Reviews offer a great way to engage schools and community groups, and will be a powerful educational add-on to your existing programming. By encouraging students and other specialty groups to communicate about their experiences watching dance, you are empowering a new audience as well as reaching out to people who might not regularly attend live performance.
Send the group's leader a link to the FOR AUDIENCES section, and have a conversation about how their students or group members can participate SEE: The Dance Enthusiast Questionnaire, Haiku, Free Form, Re-Post. 

Contact Us for Support:

And REMEMBER,We want to help you create a great experience.


Audience Reviews

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