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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Benjamin Briones Ballet's 2019 Summer Season Performances: A full night of repertoire

Benjamin Briones Ballet's 2019 Summer Season Performances: A full night of repertoire

Benjamin Briones Ballet

Performance Date:
June 16th, 2019

Freeform Review:

Benjamin Briones Ballet presented its 2019 summer season at the Ballet Arts Studio Theater at City Center on June 15th and 16th. The show began with “Unteathering” choreographed by Amanda Turner and danced by the beautiful Yuriko Sakai. Yuriko has this ease of movement and ability to transition seamlessly between contemporary and ballet. Highlight of the show came after intermission with “Iwaly” choreographed by Benjamin Briones. This playful piece incorporated tutu-like costume that was meant to be a dress and was used as a prop during the duet section between Misa Mochizuki and Maurice Dawkins.

Misa Mochizuki danced a lyrical solo by Benjamin Briones towards the end of the second half. Misa’s clean, strong technique shined through with Benjamin’s choreography. She was able to keep the lyrical quality while maintaining the sharpness in her spot. The show finished strong with “Tierra-Viva” by Beatriz Madrid. This ensemble piece brought out the fierceness of the dancers. The three male dancers were the cream on top for this piece, showing off the masculine athleticism. A standout was Lana Hankinson who, though mostly danced in corps, had numerous eye-catching moments.

Benjamin emphasized that he is interested in the audience feedback and treated all to complimentary wine after the show where we all mingled and shared our thoughts.

Xuan Yi


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