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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Indah Walsh Dance Company - "Little lonely Dracula"

Indah Walsh Dance Company - "Little lonely Dracula"

Indah Walsh Dance Company

Performance Date:
Friday, June 14th 2019

Freeform Review:

I really enjoyed an evening spent with Indah Walsh & Co. It was a performance that touched on the light/sweethearted absurd, full of audience participation with playful costumes, dancing and singing. And yet, there was serious dancing throughout the piece. The same dance was repeated in different costumes. The costumes created a mood throughout the evening, from funny nylon hoodie/onesies to sequin dresses and a cute little lonely Dracula. The piece ended with everyday clothes worn by Indah Walsh and Lauren Kravitz in a lovely unison duet that seemed to be saying, back to reality, business as usual..back to work..it’s been fun!


Lilla Kelley

Photo Credit:

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