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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Alison Cook Beatty Dance in "In Spite Of, Because Of… The Wallpaper"

Alison Cook Beatty Dance in "In Spite Of, Because Of… The Wallpaper"

Alison Cook Beatty Dance

Performance Date:
October 3, 2020 (Virtual Performance)

Freeform Review:

In Spite of, Because of the Wallpaper, choreographed by Alison Cook Beatty and performed by her terrific dancers perfectly captures the state of our anxiety during this terrible year. The creative use of green screen the modern dance choreography and the simplicity of the lighting and the set come together to  showcase a piece that is both thoughtful and frightening. This is a piece worth watching and I highly recommend it.

Over the past several years, I have attended several live and virtual performances by Alison Cook Beatty Dance. Every piece Alison presents has a message that is uplifting and creative. Alison and her company have strived to continue to present art under the most challenging of circumstances and they deserve a wider audience.

— Roberta Cohen, Stamford, Connecticut



Alison Cook Beatty Dance


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