Celebrating 13 Years of Dance Enthusiasm
Milteri Tucker Concepcion/ Bombazo Dance Photo by Javier Luis

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PMT Fall Dance Series

PMT Fall Dance Series

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PMT Fall Dance Series

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PMT Dance Studio

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Since living in New York for the past two years, I have seen countless contemporary and modern dance performances, but I rarely attend performances that encompass styles of dance that I grew up practicing such as ballroom, jazz, or hip hop. When I was invited to see PMT Studio’s Fall Dance Showcase, I thought it could be a refreshing break from my usual performance-going habits.


When I arrived to the studios one Sunday evening, I immediately was brought back to my days at my neighborhood studio in Michigan; rehearsing countless hours for our recital, chatting with the other students in the lobby, and being greeted by the studio secretary on my way into class. It’s apparent that PMT values community and hospitality — I wish more studios in the City embodied that.

The evening consisted of a diverse group of works including a sultry Latin-influenced jazz quartet, a contemporary female ensemble trying to win the affections of one boy, and a hip hop crew in search of “street cred”.

Between the pieces, video interviews with PMT’s Director, Pavan Thimmaiah, and his staff reflecting on the studio’s ten-year history were projected on the back wall. We learned how the school flourished from its humble beginnings to Thimmaiah obtaining multiple studios and offering a plethora of classes and showcases.  I feel that information was not necessary as I think the audience’s high-energy and enthusiasm that night encapsulated the studio’s dedication to its students and community. I wanted to see more dancing from the students as their passion and determination were undeniable.

PMT’s tight-knit community (made up of beginner to professional level dancers, dance lovers, friends and family) showed each other support with fervent whoops, hearty claps and even “you go girl!”. The audience’s support that night of the dancers and studio was incredibly touching, and they encouraged the dancers to reach their full potential on and off stage. 



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