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Trina Mannino/Follow @Trinamannino on Twitter
Photo by Photo by Alison Domzalski/

Trina Mannino/Follow @Trinamannino on Twitter

Trina Mannino, former senior contributor to The Dance Enthusiast, was for many years  the organization's administrator.She studied dance at the University of Michigan under Amy Chavasse, Bill DeYoung, Jessica Fogel, Judy Rice, Peter Sparling, and Robin Wilson. She has performed with Anabella Lenzu’s Dance/Drama, ArtBark International, Barbara Mahler, Dance Elixir, JoAnna Mendl Shaw and Laura Peterson Choreography, in addition to presenting her own work in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. She presently studies under Barbara Mahler and Janet Panetta. Her writing has appeared in Atlas Obscura, The Brooklyn Rail, Dance Europe Magazine, and Vice. Trina still manages to return to Michigan a few times a year to enthusiastically frolic in the gorgeous state lakes and sand dunes.

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