Day in the Life of Dance: Behind the Byline — Emeri Fetzer on Writing for The Dance Enthusiast

Day in the Life of Dance: Behind the Byline — Emeri Fetzer on Writing for The Dance Enthusiast

Published on June 5, 2019

TDE: How did you start working for The Dance Enthusiast?

Emeri Fetzer: Two friends and former dance colleagues of mine were debuting an immersive duet in NYC at The Tank. They were adapting and expanding upon something they had created in Shanghai and I was interested in featuring their process. Christine accepted my pitch for the article and shortly after sent me on more review assignments! 

TDE: How long have you been working for The Dance Enthusiast?

Emeri Fetzer: I have only been with The Dance Enthusiast for a few months — beginning in January of this year. I look forward to a long stretch! 

TDE: What do like about writing for The Dance Enthusiast?

Emeri Fetzer: As a working dancer, I believe that it is crucial to engage with our community beyond your own projects. It is so easy to become consumed with your own dance practices and goals. By showing up to the work of others, I not only gain perspective on the current pulses within our field but also grow and nurture the relationships that make this career fulfilling. I deeply enjoy talking with dancers about what they are making and it is so exciting to see these very thoughts come to fruition on stage. 

TDE: What are your favorite stories?

Emeri Fetzer: I love to write features. I love to get into the studio and feel the environment of working companies — seeing firsthand how art makers are building trust and discipline. In interviewing artists I am often surprised to hear the initial sparks that started the piece. Every dancer fills their well of inspiration in unique ways.

TDE: Please share a fun fact about yourself.

Emeri Fetzer: Please check out the dance interviews I have filmed and produced at The Stretch NY. I recently performed at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on March 29 and 30th with Company SBB. In April I performed with Phantom Limb Company in Falling Out at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

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