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A Postcard from Fadi J Koury, Artistic Director & Choreographer of FJK DANCE:

A Postcard from Fadi  J Koury, Artistic Director & Choreographer of FJK DANCE:

Published on October 27, 2014
Photo: Nir Arieli

As the Company Prepares for "Works in Progress" at 92nd Street Y


FJK Dance is excited to be back  with “Works in Progress” at 92nd Street Y on Tuesday, November 4, a follow up to our July New York Live Arts world premiere of Arabesque and Tango Unframed. The performance will be at 92Y Buttenwieser Hall at 8:30pm.

FJK Dance's Sevin Ceviker and Fadi Khoury.
FJK Dance's Sevin Ceviker and Fadi J Koury. Photo: Nir Ariell.

Performing at 92nd Street Y is an honor for us – it’s a pioneer cultural center that has been home to dance legends in New York City like Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey and many more. Our soul purpose of mixing cultures and different forms of dance make us feel at home already, and it’s great because we want to connect and be involved in the community as much as possible.

FJK Dance
Photo: Nir Ariell

This has been the most exciting time of my life personally as an artist, as well as for all the dancers in the company. It was wonderful realizing a dream with our premiere at New York Live Arts in July. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue developing the work, deepening the understanding and connection between the dancers as artists and evolving in terms of style and technique. In the process of creation, I am learning more as a choreographer about the group and the unique energy that we have to offer. They are a talented group of artists and I am privileged to work with them.  I also feel the dancers are building their knowledge of ballroom movement and it's integration with ballet, hence developing an understanding of the performance quality and strength they can achieve through that blend.

FJK Dance
Photo: Nir Ariell

As for the future? Our goal is to share the dance and the ideas we stand for with the dance community in New York as well as nationally. We will be participating in the APAP Festival to give the work additional exposure. We are also aiming for a week-long New York season in May 2015, adding a new jazz-based piece to the program as well as additional variations and additions to Tango Unframed and Arabesque.

The learning process of building a dance company has been inspirational. It’s an exciting process and I feel honored to contribute to the dance community and the evolution of this art form. At FJK – we love dance!


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