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Steps Repertory Ensemble in South Africa

Steps Repertory Ensemble in South Africa
Brittany Beyer

By Brittany Beyer
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Published on March 8, 2011
Steps On Broadway

A collaboration with ikapa Dance Theatre brings dancers from Steps on Broadway to Cape Town, South Africa...

Steps and The ikapa Dance Theatre of Cape Town South Africa  Flip With The Dance Enthusiast

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Mindy Upin, rehearsal director of Steps Repertory Ensemble, describes GAIN, the program of Partnership between the Steps Ensemble in New York  and The ikapa Dance Theatre in South Africa-

Our collaboration began a year prior to this when two of our Ensemble members, Sara Hoenes and Kyle Mullins, joined ikapa in  teaching  children of  the Cape Town townships. (These type of  outreach classes were important to the formation of the current ikapa company. Many company members got their start in community programs.)

We then hosted the  ikapa choreographer ,Theo Ndindwa, and   dancers Mbulelo Ngubombini and Zandile Constable at Steps in May 2010, to begin construction of our collaborative work.  "Finding A Peace of Mind"  premiered during our  annual showcase "Celebrate Dance" at the Riverside Theater on NYC.

Steps Repertory Ensemble in South Africa

"It was incredible to witness the power of dance transcending borders."- Mindy Upin

The last phase of GAIN, was completed with our trip in December. At this time, more ensemble members had the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by the South African children. Our dance  piece  developed and changed tremendously from its original premiere. Additional members from both companies were included, and the themes of peace and reconciliation were further explored.

Our shared concert "Fuse", celebrated South Africa's December 16th  public holiday " Reconciliation Day"  which marks the end of apartheid.  Every piece performed in our concert, although extremely different in movement style and quality, encompassed  themes of harmony and mutual understanding. Choreographers included Andrea Miller, Cherice Barton, Donald Byrd, Ebrahim Medell, Maxwell Xolani Rani, and Theo Ndindwa & Tanya Arshamian.


GAIN founders and directors:
Patricia Klausner & Claire Livingstone (Ensemble Artistic Director)

Steps Ensemble dancers:
Kyle Mullins
Sara Hoenes
Jake Warren
Mindy Upin (Rehearsal Director)
Marielis Garcia
Khori Rogers Petinaud
Jaqlin Medlock ( Photographer)

ikapa Dance Theatre:
Theo Ndindwa (Executive Director)
Tanya Arshamian(Assistant Director)
Mbulelo Ngubombini
Zandile Constable
Simone Botha
Mandy Malinga
Chris Ncekana

and Brittany Beyer of The Dance Enthusiast who edited this Flip Segment.

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