Eryc Taylor Dance, Photo: Nikola Bradonjic
Eryc Taylor Dance, Photo: Nikola Bradonjic
The Dance Enthusiast
MFA in Dance at Rutgers

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The Dance Enthusiast Asks TenduTV

The Dance Enthusiast Asks TenduTV
Brittany Beyer

By Brittany Beyer
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Published on August 19, 2011

Want to know more about the fellow who is helping to bring NYC Dance (in 3D) to a theater near you?

Brittany Beyer, The Dance Enthusiast's New Enthusiastic Correspondent, Asks Marc Kirschner, Founder and General Manager of TenduTV, about What He Does and Why...

(AND she manages to get him to do a tendu or two)

video by Brittany Beyer for The Dance Enthusiast

How did Tendu TV come to be? ( ahem. this is the video with the Kirschner Tendu)

Why Dance?

What Does TenduTV represent to the dance field?

For More Information about TenduTV

TenduTV's site

The Rockefeller Foundation's Cultural Innovation Press Release announcing Dance Films Association and TenduTV as grant winners

Arts Ambassador to The Future-on Huffington Post

The Dance Enthusiast

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