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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Not Just Ballet (Arts) Showcase

Not Just Ballet (Arts) Showcase

Ballet Arts

Performance Date:
June 23

Freeform Review:

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure to attend “Not Just Ballet (Arts) Showcase” hosted by Ballet Arts at New York City Center. The title did a play on words to emphasize that there’s voice, dance, and music performance involved in the show.

The show started with pieces coached by faculty member Natalya Stavro. Especially memorable was Boiling choreographed by Joan Liu, curtesy of American Liberty Ballet. This quintet utilized clear ballet technique and formation to portray boiling water. It was interesting to see simple tendus being executed in many different ways. Other notable group pieces included Once Upon…by Yuka Kawazu and Waltz of the Flowers Nutcracker set by Noriko Hara. Both had dancers at varying level but the dancers exhibited an obvious joy in dancing. Push and Pull choreographed by Danielle Diniz danced by Jonathan Fahoury and Uma Deming was energetic and fun to watch. Second act had a few smaller pieces with beautiful dancers, including Unlock by Yuriko Sakai and Etude in D Minor by Saeko Hayashi. The show ended with tap number 42nd Street – The Audition set by Ballet Arts owner Stephen Reed.

It was wonderful to see the continual growth of Ballet Arts and see a wide variety of dancers at different stages of their career.

Xuan Yi


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