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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Emerging: An Evening of Dance and Music

Emerging: An Evening of Dance and Music

Yuka Kawazu's Danse En L'Air

Performance Date:
October 16, 2021

Freeform Review:

Yuka Kawazu’s Danse En L’Air is a small ballet company in New York City giving opportunities to professional dancers as well as adult dance students. This show was produced at Ballet Arts at New York City Center with production support by Didi Shapiro.


There’s a total of 16 short pieces throughout the night ranging from the classical ballet choreography to ballroom dances performed by the artistic director Yuka Kawazu herself. Stand outs were Lily Cosgrove who exhibited clean lines and a pleasant presence. “Princesses” choreographed by Yuka Kawazu and danced by Kyla Ranney and Chauncey Pauley stayed in my mind months after the show for the playfulness and cute costumes.


It was a sold-out show with lots of support and encouragements. Nowhere can you feel the “New York is dead” energy. Everything was vibrant and the dancers performed beautifully. Bravo Yuka!


Xuan Yi


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